Cheese? On my family? Huh?

I know that the name of this blarg is a bit of a mouthful, but in my household, the phrase is synonymous with laughter and taking things lightly.

One night, my husband was in a particularly bad mood. No idea why, because it was all wiped away with this one event.  We got into my crappy old station wagon and headed down to the Burger King down by the interstate to pick up dinner.  I hate when my husband is in a bad mood because there is little I could do to make it better... it usually just has to pass on its own, so we just sat in the car with the windows open, not talking, while he grumbled quietly in the passenger's seat.

The person in front of us in the drive-thru was just taking forever, making the husband madder and madder. It seemed like he was ordering for at least 5 very particular people, and then, as we sat there we heard, "Yes, and I'd like cheese on my entire family!"
He didn't say on my entire order, not on my family's order, just "on my entire family"...
Even though he had been sitting there with steam coming out of his ears, my husband started cracking up and his bad mood totally dissipated.
When he is feeling grumpy now, I can usually just mention the cheese family and he laughs and lightens up.  Hopefully, this blarg can do the same for someone else.

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