Friday, May 20, 2011

Travel Fantasy: Saint Louis, Missouri

I'm absolutely in love with the St. Louis Arch.  Of course, like most of the objects of my affection, it is totally uninterested in me, and pretty much just tolerates me standing near it and sighing, because it enjoys the attention and doesn't mind stringing people along. But as much as I love it, standing under it, looking up, I feeling slightly nauseated and anxious because it is just SO BIG, which I suppose kinda works with the crush metaphor but also sounds pretty wrong in that context.
Fine, fine, I am more like a stalker of the St. Louis Arch, because I drive past it and stare longingly at it every time I have the opportunity, and I am afraid to get up in it, and it makes me anxious, but I love it so. I really do.

The Saint Louis Arch (at my last drive-by with photobombing llama, of course.)

This is my entry into the NileGuide Travel Fantasy Contest... and it is all completely true!


  1. Thinking about going up in it still makes me anxious even though I've done it plenty of times. The thought of it stresses me out, but actually doing it is fine. I'm getting anxious thinking about it right now...

    It's a really beautiful structure from any angle though.

  2. When will you learn that monuments like that never call? :P

    Good luck!

  3. The City Museum is my favorite part of St Louis!

    Check it out because it's totally not a museum despite it's name!

  4. architecture in any form is interesting. But half-moon structures like these tend to be snobby and ignore you for some time. Ugh. Try the CN Tower in Toronto. That tower has got it goin' on AND it pretends to be interested when you talk to it. :)

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  6. My grandparents lived in St. Louis for 40+ years before relocating to St. Peters (still within a short drive, they just wanted a...different neighbourhood. I went to the Gateway Arch many times during my childhood on our visits there, and even to the top a few times, though I am deathly afraid of heights (now medicated, lol). It's really not that scary if you keep from the windows, and gives an excellent view of the city (this coming from someone afraid of heights). You can always get someone else to take pictures for you, they take you up in groups. You don't have to climb stairs. My last memory is seeing two people facing each other on the ground below, on a picnic blanket, and they were the only ones in that area; then getting a bit queasy because I got tooo close to the windows, but I stepped back and was fine. Took the ride to the bottom, and they were gone. I'll be up there for Independence Day (but in St. Peters). Looking forward to it.

  7. just think what the stunt man thought when he jumped off the top. I remember he jumped, landed and ran before authorities could catch him! I wonder what happened to him? Hmmmm Ill have to research!


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