Thursday, December 29, 2011

Grammar Guide: I vs. Me (starring @JasonSegel and @MarthaStewart)

I know that a lot of people have trouble figuring out whether to use "I" or "me" when referring to one's self and someone else.

I am assuming we know it is considered correct (and polite or something) to put the other person first, but here is a trick to figure out if you should use ME or I.

We will employ the skills of the incredibly handsome and talented Jason Segel (who I might just have a GIANT crush on) and the fancy cookie maker, Martha Stewart, for this guide.

So we start out with our statement: "Martha and me want cookies!"

Then we take away Martha so we are all alone with Jason Segel (hubba hubba).

And we repeat the phrase again, without Martha this time.

Clearly, it is not correct, so it would be "Martha and I want cookies."

And it sounds just as weird when you reverse it.

 And yes, yes, I screw up on grammar, I am sure. I am not an English major... I'm an art major, but this should help. Don't give me shit. I am still sore that Jason Segel ditched on the skinny dipping.


  1. Me loves Jason also! :P

    What I really love about this, is in "How I Met Your Mother" one of his biggest pet peeves is when people use Effect and affect incorrectly. He would totally go skinny dipping with you for your mad grammar skills.

    Have you seen "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"? You get to see a lot of Jason in that movie! "Little Jason", as some might say. ;)

  2. @Bonnie- Oh, I have seen that of which you speak. Yes. :D

  3. Love it! Name me one person who doesn't love Jason Segel

  4. Haha, nice! Very educational :P

  5. I <3 this post. Educational AND hilarious! Best combo EVAR!

  6. Haha, this is brilliant. Can't believe he bailed on the skinny dipping!

  7. I love the Cookie Monster!!!! I'm laughing my ass off over this... you are so brilliant! I love how Jason's eyes get small after you ask him to go skinny dipping! Thanks for making my day

  8. Me want Cookie! Gluten Free Please.

  9. This is Excellent! Another favorite is one I read the other day..."Jim and I's favorite breakfast." That's difficult for me to even say!! Someone needs to give Grammar 101 classes to bloggers!

  10. LOVE. This same scenario actually plays out in my head a lot, only with Mariska Hargitay standing in for Jason Segal (don't worry, she bails on me too).


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