Sunday, November 6, 2011

Spring Forward, Fall Back... into bed

I realized, this morning, when I woke up at 6:45 am, that the "extra hour of sleep" that comes from us "falling back" only counts when you are the type of person who actually has things to do and wakes up using an alarm. Otherwise, it is just losing time as you lie in bed staring at the dark ceiling, waiting for the world to catch up with your obnoxious bladder that insists on waking you up ridiculously early, and who is in cahoots with your brain that refuses to let you go back to sleep after getting up to pee way too early in the morning.

And by tonight, my body will refuse to go to sleep at a decent time, and I will then get into a cycle where I get less and less sleep until I begin threatening people, and screaming randomly while crying, and then something will snap and I will sleep for five sixths of an entire day, after which I will get back to sleeping like a normal human being again.

In summary, if I continue to live in the United States, I should move to Arizona or Hawaii.


  1. Are you sure you aren't taping my life?

  2. Arizona's cheaper, but hotter!

  3. Aloha!
    So, this 5/6 of an entired day, that's like the same as 5/42 of an entired week, right? Or a whole buncha nanoseconds.
    I used the word entired instead of entire because then you have "tired" already built-in, and we are talking nappy time, so, yawn, less work.
    (I'm just getting you ready with all the Hawaiian greeting stuff)

  4. Oof, I HATE this time change. Nothing like watching the sun set at 4:30...

  5. I think I have the same eXact photo of the Grand Canyon eXcept for the grass skirted girl.

  6. WAit.....the time changed? Is that why it feels like 2:15 instead of 10:15...mannn now im gonna be all screwed up...

  7. Yes! I love all the shout-outs to the AZ! It's hot, it's cheap, and it's awesome (but not Phoenix. No one likes Phoenix).

  8. I was so excitedd to be able to sleep an extra hour that I couldn't sleep. :(

    AZ confuses me.


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