Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Blue Whale in a Sombrero.

You would think, from pictures like this, that I actually like blue whales.

You should know that I am slightly phobic of them, in fact.When I did the drawing, the other day for my Whale Wars post, I had to look up reference because I avoid looking at blue whales enough that I don't entirely know what they look like. While looking it up, I came upon a picture of a blue whale eye and it literally made my heart palpate. 

I seriously have no idea why I have a blue whale phobia. I first became aware of it while playing "Ecco the Dolphin" on the Dreamcast. Like the first damned mission was saving a baby blue whale who was stuck in a cave, while its gigantic mother hovers behind you whining at you repeatedly to save her poor baby, and I was so anxiety ridden that I never played it past that level. However, I do get panicky while playing video games sometimes, so at the time I just wrote it off as not liking the game.

Shortly after that, it was completely affirmed that the problem was the whale when I was watching Castaway with Tom Hanks.  A blue whale emerges from the sea and looks at him. Again, anxiety. Just imagining it while writing about it makes me feel kinda anxious (wait, that might have been a humpback whale in that movie, but they are close enough that my brain doesn't differentiate).

And still, no idea why I have this. I am fine with dolphins, orcas, narwhals, sperm whales (okay, maybe I'm not completely okay with Sperm Whales having just looked one up, but let's go with it), it is just something about blue whales. 
I mean, they do look a bit like aliens, and they have those crazy songs, and they are FREAKING HUGE and ALIVE... but yeah. I don't like them and I don't want them, but perhaps drawing them will help.

Do you have a phobia? 
How would you draw it to make it less upsetting?


  1. I had an irrational fear of needles. I legitimately didn't expect them to hurt bad enough to matter. I don't care if a needle is in me. I don't have a fear of other wounds. But the mere idea of a needle pushing through my flesh . . . ugh . . .

    The hypnotherapy actually did help a bit with that.

  2. i have a true and insane fear of blimps. if i see one in the sky, i panic. and if i'm driving when this happens, it's bad for everybody. i'm not even remotely sure what to do about this. i saw a video of the hindenburg going down and almost lost it. i do really like led zepplin though.

  3. I hate having open spaces behind my back. This has been present since I was probably about three and it's only gotten worse because of the fact that I've gone on a horror movie kick lately and now my favorite movie is Psycho so whenever there's a large open space at my back I suddenly become completely convinced that Norman Bates or Jack Torrence (I finished The Shining yesterday) is going to kill me even though I'm not in a hotel or a shower.

  4. Do you remember the ranch house at the beginning and end of Cast Away? It is on the road about half way between my place in Borger and the town of Darrouzett where I go to visit occasionally, the city of many relatives, friends and my old high school. I knew that they had filmed it way south of Canadian TX but wasn't exactly sure, but guessed correctly the right farm-to-market road and drove south and found it. So now I have photos (somewhere) of the place, and actually found it quite easily using Google Earth. I thought it interesting to start and stop a movie that was mainly about living on a deserted island, trapped, by using a middle-of-nowhere piece of Texas, combined with the FedEx company that goes everywhere.

  5. I'm just like Ms. MM with the fear of having open spaces at my back

  6. I've got this fear of falling from a great height and dying, so I always think of that joke:

    "What's the difference between a golfer and a sky-diver? The golfer goes WHACK 'Damn!' The sky-diver goes 'Damn!' WHACK"

    It makes me feel better :)

  7. I am deathly afraid of ventriliquist dolls. (Yeah, I didn't spell that right; shoot me) Anyways, my mom has a ventriliquist doll who probably will kill me in my sleep. He wears this little tuxedo and his hair is slicked back. He is sooooo creepy!!!! Please don't make me hold him!

  8. I am afraid of Ice Caves. The two most terrifying things I remember from my early childhood are "Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin" (in which Pooh gets trapped in an ice cave) and Fantasia 2000, featuring a baby magical-flying-whale who gets separated from his family and (you guessed it) trapped in an ice cave. Also, I wouldn't call it a phobia, but the movie "Watership Down" freaked me right the hell out when I saw it. It gave me nightmares. It still does. Those images of dead bunnies twisted my poor little mind, and haunt me to this day.


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