Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mr. Zombie Goes Shopping

To celebrate my continuing illness but unfortunate need to leave the house for such silliness as food, soap, and medication, I give you a fun filled shopping trip featuring Mr. Zombie:

It is only appropriate that Mr. Zombie should visit our local Walmart Super Center.  He should blend right in.

Welcome to ZombieMart!

Let's see, what's on the shopping list for today...

Ahh, imagine that.
Well, let's get shopping...
Brainz, brainz, brainz...

That's right, Mr. Zombie, let's find some brains.

No, not brains.


Not this time, Mr. Zombie, keep looking...


Close enough, Mr. Zombie, close enough!


  1. This was hilarious!

    I know, I'm a total stranger. I found your blarg through the EPBOT website. Love your illustrations, and your posts!

  2. Yes, but the question still remains: did you find any? You can find damn near anything in Walmart.


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