Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Giveaway Contest (details inside)

I live in Montana.  It is weirder than any other place I have ever lived or been to, ever.  So, I went to this store so that my husband could get a present for my mom and we happened upon this bizarre figurine:

Which we promptly bought because... it's a creepy guy holding a calf... and he's named Mike (which is my husband's name) AND he looks like Michael Meyers if he were a farmer. Really, how could we pass it up?

But guess what!?  I also found something for you guys too.  What is it?! (click through to see contest details)


For the rest of the weekend (until Sunday Dec. 19th at 9pm MST), Retweet the following*, Share, or Reblog this blarg and you can win this mini T-Rex and a custom xmas themed sticker drawn by me.  As long as I can see proof you shared it (feel free to link me in the comment here or be sure @fattieart is included in your tweet), you will be entered to win in a random drawing.  Only one entry per 3 hours.   I will announce the name of the winner after I draw from eligible entries tomorrow night, both here and on twitter ( and then you just need to send me your shipping info so I can send it out Monday. =D

Good luck and RAWR!!!

* Retweet this statement:

@fattieart RT this for a chance to win a mini T-Rex and a custom sticker (details at

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