Thursday, January 6, 2011

Care Bears: Autopsy

I suffer from insomnia on occasion and it happens to keep me up past when anything decent is on TV.  Once I have run out of variations of Law and Order to watch (SVU is my favorite), I usually turn to On Demand. And when I am exceptionally tired but cannot sleep, my ability to read things properly is GREATLY diminished. It usually turns out pretty funny, like this month on Stars On Demand, they have the movie "Care Bears: Oopsy" which I have absolutely no interest in watching, but every time I scroll past it late at night, I read it "Care Bears: Autopsy" which seems like something else all together that I don't want to watch.  Here is an imagined scene from that movie:


  1. Doctor G meets the Care Bears. This could be a movie.

  2. How could you not wanna watch a Care Bear getting eviscerated? Don't you wanna know where the belly-power comes from?

  3. I especially appreciate how it's opened at the seams.

    Thanks for the laughs!


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