Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why do you insist on calling this a blarg?

Until I get an honorary diploma from the Starfleet Academy, this is a blarg, not a blog.

See, I am highly of the opinion that nothing I write shall ever be a log, as that is a privilege reserved for Sea Captains and Starfleet Commanders and seeing as blog is an abbreviation of weblog, I won't use it. It's just not right.

But why a blarg, you ask? 

I ask you, why not? 

Saying things with a weird accent is fun and BLARG feels exceptionally nice in the mouth when said particularly silly-like. Try it, out loud, now.  Nice, right?

as copied from the pages section so that it can be commented upon. =D


  1. I like to say BLAHHHHRRRGGGG with extra emphasis out loud, as if I am a zombie searching for delicious tidbits of brain food to read. ;)

  2. I like when Tina Fey say's it on 30 Rock..

    Oh Blarg!

  3. I tried it out loud. And liked the sound of it, but maybe that's because I'm on Ambien at the moment. Come to think of it, actually, my blog's not really a blog, either. It's more of a random let's-share-this-crappy-story-with-the-internet-world type of thing. Yep, definitely not a blog.

  4. Man, I really don't know what to say except to say that is really clever and funny! I like your comment about chillin' with Data on the Holodeck. That's really good. Are you doing Spock's hand-sign in your drawing?

  5. Yes. It is supposed to be the "Live Long and Prosper" hand sign.

  6. I think you'd like my blog!

  7. I love it! Keep up the great blarg! Your drawings are hilarious, too. I especially like your recent post with the pic of a tomato preparing to cut up some lettuce. Great stuff...

  8. Maybe ud like my blarg 2? (fyi, i am now officially using that word. it is going on my word page. Mwahahahaha!!!! [thats ok right?]) XD


    hehe my first post was about cheese. thats y i klicked on this blog of note!

  9. Know what? I kinda like it. BLARG. :P

    Regards from a fellow BLARGER xD
    Lisa :)

    p.s: I like your blo- I mean, blarg. Funnehhhhh~ And funny thing, I like to laugh. So, cool :D

  10. I am in nerd love with your rendering of a starfleet uniform.


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