Friday, March 18, 2011

Thank you, Jimmy.

I have been on an epic quest for the past week or two.  I was minding my own business, reading other people's posts on Facebook, and there it was, the object of my desire, that which I need more than anything else in this world... my "precious" if you will.

Ben & Jerry's Late Night Snack Inspired by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Yes, it is an ice cream, but not just any ice cream.  It has FUDGE COVERED POTATO CHIP CLUSTERS in it! AND a salty caramel swirl!!!!

Yes, this may sound grody to some of you... I don't want to hear it! I need this ice cream, I need it!

And today, I went to get it because I actually told two local grocery stores that I needed it more than anything else in this world (after checking every store in town twice in a week) and one of them called two days ago and said "It will be in the system on Friday." So I ventured out and sludged through a giant mud pit that is my parking area, covering myself and the interior of my car with mud, only to get there and find, OMG, no precious!

So in my regular fashion, I then resorted to grumbling quietly to myself about how it was ridiculous of said store to call and tease me with useless information when there was NO "LATE NIGHT SNACK" ICE CREAM ON THE SHELVES!!! I don't think they understand how important this is to my continued existence.

I don't want the ice cream in the system, store, I want the ice cream IN MY BELLEH! I WANT THE ICE CREAM IN MY BELLEH!!!


  1. ROFLMAO!!! OMG, I love you.

  2. It is seriously delicious so Hunt It Down! So so yum yummers

  3. You don't understand! This is Montana! I'm at the mercy of purchasers! EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!

  4. Still a little stoned on Lortab? lol Damn it, now I want to try the stupid ice cream. Thanks! Jerk! :p

  5. Try this!

  6. Don't the stores have little cards you can fill out to request things? A lot of the time if you talk to the manager they can pull strings and hook you up with a thing if you want a certain thing.

    Sometimes you have to buy like a case of it.

    ...but would that really be that bad?

  7. That sounds interesting, I will for sure try it, when they actually get it into the stores

  8. @Shad - Oh, I did that, at two places... but I am in Montana, and we apparently are last in line for delicious new flavors of ice cream.
    Even called Ben & Jerry's to try to speed it along.

  9. Step 1: Go find and rent/buy an awesome movie you haven't seen before. (Psycho, Inception, Curse of the Black Pearl, The Birds, etc.)
    Step 2: Buy large amounts of soda and chips and chocolate ice cream.
    Step 3: Banish everyone from the house for at least three hours.
    Step 4: Pop in the movie and bury yourself in snackage.

    I know this isn't an answer but this is a pretty awesome solution to any problem.

  10. Did you try the online order place I linked?

  11. I looked at it but it cost like 35 bucks for a pint of ice cream, which is well out of my budget... but I did get my store to stock it, and it is delicious!

  12. If your ever in San Antonio at the Denny's on FM 78 they have a Bacon float..BACON... the float is topped with syrup and bacon bits...just in the event you were undecided if you wanted breakfast or dessert...

  13. LOVED this post!! Loved it! Now I am searching for this ice cream :)


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