Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Misguided Ads: City MRI Centre

I was driving on the interstate the other evening and saw a billboard advertising MRIs.  Is this really something that needs to be advertised?  Their ad said something like "Patients love our Commitment- Doctors love our Quality!"

This leads me to wonder if there are other MRI centers where technicians just walk away part way through the procedure, leaving patients stranded in the machine.

Or if they just have a guy with a refrigerator magnet and a sketch pad doing the scans.

I mean, if you need to get an MRI, you need to do it, and if you are the type of person who is inclined towards doing what the doctor requests of you because you are in some sort of excruciating pain and/or have a tumor, etc. you DON'T REALLY need to be sold on getting the thing done. If you ARE dragging your feet on the MRI issue, is commitment and quality REALLY what was stopping you in the first place?

Pretty much, if I were in charge of advertising MRI procedures, this would be my tagline:


  1. Your ad is WAY more amusing and gets the point across! :D

  2. This reminds me of that Parks and Recreation episode where Leslie gets an MRI on a date.

  3. I'm with you...really? On a billboard of all things? I can understand maybe a manufacturer advertising in a medical journal or maybe in some doctor-y newsletter or something.

    Does the common man really go into the hospital and ask what brand of MRI they use and if they don't use his brand, does he walk out? Hmmm...are people really that brand-loyal? It's a puzzler

  4. too funny, for one of my marketing classes in college, I actually had to design a marketing strategy for a local MRI company. It was super difficult to do b/c the target market is hard to ID and almost every time someone needs an MRI it comes as a referral from a doc. So yeah... interesting. :)

  5. Yeah, as a nurse I find this funny because when I need to have someone get an MRI, they just get signed up at the hospital that is the closest to them that takes their insurance! But if passion and commitment are what we need from the tech.....lol


  6. I want an MRI where they give you a foot massage and have a show choir on hand to sing you your favorite songs. I'd go there if they advertised that!

  7. hahaha perhaps they just had som money they didn't know what to do with and decided to spend it on that billboard..

  8. Mrs. LBJ must be rolling over in her grave. Didn't she knock herself out (a million years ago, it seems)to eradicate billboards from our highways and byways??? Now that she's gone, they're back. A blight on the face of this country!

    Now that I've ranted...

    Are you in Florida? I've noticed billboards there for all KINDS of medical procedures -- some that never used to be mentioned in polite society -- most likely geared to the Senior population. They probably don't work too well, though. My Dad would not remember an ad 5 minutes after seeing it...

    xoxoxo, cd

  9. Wow, I am kinda happy now that my town isn't big enough to have highways and biways, let alone advertisement for MRI'S. yikes!


  10. Delaware is sorta a "free health care for all and maybe affordable healthcare for the rest" kinda place. So lots of retired, ill people, with a cancer cluster. Lots and lots of places to get an MRI. I love your ad. It's not like MRIs are like fast food joints.

    Or are they? My husband has had lots of them in the past month and there are differences in MRI places. Some are creepy and old, some are nice and sorta modern and others are so freaking progressive you are waiting for Counselor Troi to talk you through everything, then have a good romp in the Holodeck.

    The radiologist missed something huge, which the doctor caught, but he got no fries with that.

  11. Ahahaa, love it. Your version is so much more persuasive ;)


  12. LOL I love this! You always crack me up. XD Excellent tagline.



  13. Such a happy little "Die!", all curvy and pink.

  14. Totally agree! When I found out I had a brain tumor it was just call the hotline, get the first appointment available and drive to wherever you have to and sit in a machine for an hour. They're all the same, they're all expensive, and you're insurance company hates you no matter which one you choose!


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