Thursday, June 23, 2011

When it rains, it pours!

I love thunderstorms. We rarely get them here in Montana, especially where I live which is surrounded on all sides by mountains, so really “bad” weather often passes us by. But we are having them today and it makes me happy.

Where I went to college (Gainesville, Fl-- Go Gators!) it rained EVERY SINGLE DAY in the summer at precisely 3pm.  I didn’t realize this my first semester, which was a summer semester, and so every day I would walk to class at 1 pm in the sun and I would get out at 3 pm, utterly dumbfounded to find that  the skies had ripped open and every ounce of water on the ENTIRE EARTH was falling from the sky.
I had been through hurricanes in Miami and I had no idea that THAT MUCH water could fall from the sky, all at once.

And of course, I never brought an umbrella, both because it never occurred to me that it was going to rain, even though it did, everyday, but also because I consider umbrellas to be way too mature.
Staying out of the rain is the sort of behavior that you expect from adults, and people who take the time to style their hair, and those who have the good sense not to walk across campus in a thunderstorm because they realize they are most likely going to get sick, or at the least, all of their clothes will be perpetually soggy, and I am just not the kind of person that considers those things. To me, umbrellas are a symbol of a broken spirit.

Of course, if someone offers to share their umbrella with me, and it is big enough, I will squeeze under it with them, because that totally feels fun and free-spirited, but otherwise, I quite enjoy walking through a rain storm and getting soggy, because it reminds me that I don’t have anyone who expects me to be dry.


  1. Ahh, I needed a refreshing post like this. We've had wildfires going on in North Carolina, plus we are in a very ugly and uncomfortable drought as of right now. A little--or a lot of rain is just what we need right now!

    I feel the same way about umbrellas! My parents squeal angrily when I refuse to share their umbrellas when we're walking in the rain, and it's like they're terrified of getting soaked or water on them. I mean, is there such a thing as being rain-o-phobic?

    You have inspired me...once it finally starts raining I am going to run in it. :D


  2. I would love to share an umbrella with you!

  3. Umbrellas are ridiculous! And after you use them, what exactly are you supposed to do with them? Toss them on the floor to make a big puddle? Stupid umbrellas. I like this post so much, I would follow you TWICE if I could.

  4. my favorite line: "umbrellas are a symbol of a broken spirit"

  5. and i thought id let you know that the captcha for my above comment was this: lawlerol

  6. Or hands! Good lord, woman! You don't have hands!

    I love playing the in rain... being grown up is overrated.

  7. This Post must deserve superlike....:)

  8. Your "Utah" girl is so cute! Your descriptions were very visual and real - loved it.

  9. I'm not an umbrella girl either. The only time I do use one is when like you said, I've styled my hair for an event and it's raining on my parade. Otherwise, I'd rather just don my big yellow rain boots and go for it. ^_^

    I don't even go in for that rain jacket nonsense.

    My kids think it's fun that Mom is cool with them jumping into puddles, and always has towels in the car for drying off.

  10. I love my umbrella so much! Since I am perpetually cold, getting wet only exacerbates the problem so to keep from being miserable and complaining all the time I decided to get an umbrella. But they were all really ugly at the drug store so I kept putting it off till I found this in the long wooden curved style! It's like being in a jeweled case! ^_^ Now I carry an umbrella anytime I think it might rain because then I can show it off.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&biw=1366&bih=625&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=18142460128847084435&sa=X&ei=74YGTp-7EeHn0QGm6rTFCw&ved=0CFQQ8wIwAg#ps-sellers

  11. I love thunderstorms too. We are have thunderstorm summers where I live on the north coast of oz just before Christmas and after for a month.


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