Friday, June 17, 2011

Why broken windows are bad.

Today, I would like to talk about another of my great hatreds.

When I first moved in with my husband, who was then my boyfriend, we lived in a house that belonged to one of his coworkers, who also lived there with his cat named Nigel.  Nigel liked to go outside and hunt in the overgrown jungle that surrounded the house, and so, whether by happy accident, or on purpose, I never asked, one of the panes of the French doors at the entrance of the house was busted out which made a makeshift cat door.

But of course, as the case always is, nature doesn't follow the rules of a house and the cat was not the only thing that was able to enter through that door, no, not just the cat.

There was the night that I walked out towards the bathroom and saw a large raccoon happily eating the cat food in the front room, but that is not what this is about.

This is about the flying creatures that trespassed into the house.

Moths have always bothered me (especially since I share their desire to hurt myself with bright lights) but one evening, it was kicked in to full blown phobia realms.  I went into the kitchen and opened the cabinet to get ingredients for dinner.

 I had cut up some chicken and grabbed a box of seasoned rice to make a quick fry up, and so I melted butter in the pan and poured the rice into the pan to brown it before I added the water.

 Only, some of the rice was moving.

And then I looked in the box and found a moth, obviously a mommy moth, and then I screamed, and cried in a  totally hysterical manner, before throwing the rice away and all of the boxes of rice that were in the pantry.  And then I went out to buy the biggest container of mothballs that I could possibly find.

I've gotten to the point where I no longer need to make my house smell like that of a grandma (it only took a few years), but I still am prone to screaming and flapping when a moth finds its way into my environment, and I call (read: screech)  for its immediate removal and/or murder.


  1. Ok now I'm freaked out. This is why everything in my cabinets is in ziplocs!

  2. I get to say my favorite thing! "Cute maggot"

  3. That's the grossest fucking thing I have ever read...oh my god. Totally just got the heebie jeebies.

    Whenever there is any kind of insect larger than an ant in the house or my personal area, I demand that someone else remove it while I stand a safe distance the next state. I HATE creepy-crawlies of all kinds.

  4. yuuuuck! i think i would have the same reaction. if it makes you feel better. ugh!

  5. LOL... Now I do enjoy to watch bugs in their environment. I prefer they stay out of mine but not all of them seem to agree so there has been a few that have had to meet their demise but, as long as they don't unexpectingly touch me, I'm not a screamer and I don't really panic. Probably cause I do have that facination with their brethren who do follow the habitat rules:-)

  6. Ha! Your quips are too funny. I especially like the "I'm so domestic!" comment. Nice, once again. Two things:
    1. I like how happy the larva is and it being like, "What up?" despite being in heated, melted butter.
    2. Is that a cast iron skillet? (If not, you should get one some day...)

  7. Gah! I am with you. I don't mind moths so much as we tend to be able to shoo them out before they get too happy in my house. It's ants that are killing me!

    Our bug control guy says it's been a bad two years for ants, but I don't care. I'm paying him to get rid of them! I cannot have nice soaps. -_- they go after that. And they went after my toothpaste. *gag*

  8. Ugh! I hate bugs!!! I recently wrote a post on my blog about my hatred of the things ( ). They are disgusting. They are too small. And they move too fast. Gross!!!!!

  9. The great thing is, the FDA has acceptable limits on what you can find in these types of food products. For example:

    WHEAT FLOUR - Insect filth - Average of 75 or more insect fragments per 50 grams

    So less than 75 fragments per 50 grams is fine. Yum!

    Also, I once found a dried piece of cooked rice in my margarine tub and convinced myself it was an insect larva. I also once ate yogurt with a berry in it that I was *certain* was a bug as well (I realized years later that it probably wasn't). I couldn't eat yogurt for quite a while after that.

  10. Oh, the tiny screams of the ________ .

  11. ew ew EW!

    I also wouldn't be too overly disturbed about the raccoon in the living room. But when tiny living things make their way into food I'm about to eat...

    We once had an infestation of sugar ants, the tiny microscopic kind that have an immunity to Tarro ant poison - but Tarro doesn't have much effect on regular ants now that they took out the arsenic. Guess too many kids thought it was maple syrup or something....

    Anyway, the blasted sugar ants somehow worked their way into sealed cereal and cookie bags. But the last straw was when they followed the threads of the peanut butter lid.

    It was war after that.

  12. This happened to me! Instead of rice it was pasta though and had been in my pantry for gross!

  13. ... I don't know what to say. Somehow, I lost my appetite after reading this. But yeah, I know the feeling of having broken windows. A few years ago, a snake was able to get inside my room and decided to hang out on my sister's shoulders. We're able to capture the snake and my sister cried the whole day.


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