Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Rock

The worst part about walking is getting rocks in your shoes.


  1. Rowr!! I'd tell him to get out of my shoe and into my pants :P

  2. You are too adorable. Thanks for the laughs!

  3. LOL I'm w/ Kim. Hecks yeah cuz the Rock is HOT! : )

  4. I laUghed at your cartoon until I realized, hey! You can't have a tiny man in your shoe and then I got reaaaly suspicious when it was a talking little man, but then I thought, maybe that kinda thing happens in Montana, where the wind comes whistling down the eXplain. I go sleepy bye now, night night.

    (a moon goes here)
    (and some sgars)

    (sorry, typo, that was s'pposed to be 'stars')

  5. MAHAHAHAHAHA! I seriously had a huge belly laugh when I saw that last picture.

  6. I wish I found things like that in MY shoes...all I see are little grub worm toes.


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