Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New York: Secrets Revealed

I've learned from my trip here that all of the toilet paper in New York City is made from sadness and crushed dreams.

Really, I think it may be the reason for the stereotypical bad attitude associated with New Yorkers. They seem like great people, their nether regions are just horribly chaffed.


Please excuse my bright redness, I had just walked a mile on a whim and a billion TBS employees were all-up-ons.
And the commentary on the piece from Conan and Andy was HILARIOUS! 


  1. And you'll be clueing us in right?

    That would explain so much grumpiness, chafed buttocks.

  2. Yes! we are soooo very proud of you. You go JRose!

  3. Love it love it!

    Also - Charmin (or the WM equivalent is good, too). We sometimes travel w/ it or pick some up rather than use hotel TP. : )

  4. Do we get to know what the commentary was? Please tell us!

  5. Sooo happy for you! Can you post Conan's comments?

  6. Dearest readers, I am working on getting Conan's commentary so that you can all hear it. I even went back to the show today and bugged them about it.

  7. Awesome! And as someone who was raised by a New Yorker, I think it's more to do with living in constant paranoia over the overly large sewer rats.

  8. This made me laugh out loud. I'm sorry that your bum isn't enjoying the trip as much as the rest of you.


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