Sunday, February 12, 2012

Skynet 1.0: Abuse of the RedBox

After watching my mother try to rape the Redbox Kiosk with the movies she was returning for me, because I have my nephew's cold and didn't want to get out of the car in subfreezing temperatures, I am fairly certain that this sort of thing  is the beginning of the Skynet Incident.
They didn't show it in the Terminator movies, but clearly, the repeated abuses of these machines are going to lead to a revolt where machines start attacking and murdering humans.

At the very least, RedBox should set up hidden cameras to record and broadcast, for our amusement, the various ways in which people are unable to figure out the operations of their machines.


  1. Hey! It can be tricky! *slinks away, embarrassed to often get confused by redbox*

    1. No, it's okay. My first time using it I kept trying to slide my card before choosing anything. I felt dumb, and then I figure out that you just have to read the screen and it tells you what to do.
      They should make them speak at some point, to guide people who keep shoving things in without looking at the screen.
      "Please, stop shoving and press the screen!"

  2. Hahaha I think that'd be an interesting youtube channel for sure.

  3. OK, I'm an expert so I am excited to speak on this matter. I work with robots and I'm in a sticky situation every day. We run them and work them until they die to see why they die, but then I fix them! So, I repeatedly kill them and then bring them back to life. I hope that when they become self aware, they will remember that I am their momma and I fixed them and forget all the other stuff. But let's be honest, I'm a goner...

  4. It's worse when you live with someone who watches TV all the time, and they STILL can't figure out how to use the remote. I mean seriously.

  5. i've only used redbox twice and both times i felt like an illiterate spaz. i couldn't figure out how the heck to do anything on it and i generally don't consider myself to be a stupid person. i kept looking around me, sweating, hoping that no one was waiting behind me or i'd just have to slink away and watch a master from behind a row of shopping carts. it sucked. but heck, you can't beat a dollar.

  6. I've never even tried to use redbox. I don't like using machines in public when I'm not sure of myself. It took me years before I could gas up my car without a knot in my stomach...

  7. Is there a YouTube video of proper usage of the redbox that I can view before heading out to make an ass of myself (thee is always a crowd near the one by us).

  8. Whats redbox? Is it like a dvd vending machine!?! Sounds curious hmmmm

  9. Love the drawing!

    If the machines are going to revolt and start shoving various optical media into us for their amusement, wouldn't it be better to destroy all of our CDs and DVDs now? Oh, who am I kidding? I could never part with my Spice Girls album.

  10. Hi Jodee,

    Sorry for chiming in late here. I saw your post here and absolutely love it! Every time I look at the picture, I hear Arnold saying: "I'll be back."

    Can you please email me at I'd like to ask a question. I might be dense for asking, but I couldn't find a contact form on your blarg.

    At your service,
    Michael E. Rubin
    Redbox Sr. Manager, Social Media


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