Monday, April 22, 2013

Brilliant Product Idea #3 - Headacheless Headache Medicine

I am changing meds and I have a mega super strength headache as a result, and it occurred to me... someone needs to design a bottle for headache medicine that is padded on the inside so that when you roll over and fumble for it on your side table, because you are blind with pain and cannot bring yourself  to open your eyes and ascertain where the bottle actually is, the terrible din of rattling pills doesn't make you want to kill yourself.


  1. I'd buy it! Quick, get the patent forms!

  2. KICKSTARTER. I'd totally buy in.

  3. Wow, even with a killer headache you had a fabulous idea! Feel better and get that patent!

  4. This definitely needs to exist!

  5. Excellent idea. I'd add one thing--easy off cap! Who can remove those child proof caps?

    1. It has a flip top lid so no struggling with cap and you don't lose it when you try to juggle a lid, a pill, a bottle, and a glass of water. =)
      (I guess the label on the image isn't clear on that)

  6. Great idea! If you buy in bulk a you get a free masseuse to live in your bathroom and rub your feet when your feeling terrible too! xx


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