Thursday, November 28, 2013

Hanukkah 2013: 2nd Night - Magenta Hamster

On the second night of Hanukkah, your Cheeseblarg gives to you:

A random object that's been made real!

Once upon a time, I wrote a post bitching about people spelling my name wrong, and in that post , I randomly chose an object as the subject of an email which declared "... I would love a sack full of magenta hamster ornaments." How fortuitous that two years later, I am making ornaments.

Alas, I made him look more like the hamsters I had in college, and I didn't have two shades of magenta. Nevertheless,  I give you, MAGENTA HAMSTER ORNAMENT!

Don't forget to comment for your chance to win my needle felted Dino Ball!

And also, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We can't forget to celebrate with my Thanksgiving classic sing-a-long.

(there is a video here, feed readers)

And I leave you with my sentiments on this holiday:


  1. I ate so much food I'm pretty sure my in-laws think I am a giant nasty pig. Oh well, it was tasty. And this was AFTER eating Hanukkah leftovers all day.

    God I'm gross. But yummmmmmmmmm.

  2. Just got home from our Thanksgiving feast. I think I made 15 different dishes! And I ate a lot of all of them!

  3. And I totally want a magenta hamster now! :)

  4. Um. . . I had a hamster in college, too, although he reminds me more of Ramona, the hamster I had when I was little. And we definitely had a conversation at my family's Thanksgiving dinner about how it often felt like at least one purpose of the day is to overeat!

  5. i wish my hamster had been magenta rather than tan

  6. I never did the hamster thing, I had gerbils! :). Hope you thanksgiving was nummy!

  7. So stinkin' cute!!!


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