Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Cheeseblarg's 2016 Nerd-Out

In addition to reading a bunch of books, last year (but incidentally not finishing the reading challenge... after Tracey's coma, I got a little distracted, to say the least-- but I did finish most of it), I also found a whole bunch of new nerd things to be obsessed with.

It's amazing when you are spending every day in bed, in pain, how much nerdy joy can bloom in your heart.


I basically started watching this so I could understand the million memes that show up on my Tumblr and Facebook timelines, and I highly recommend it if you are into monster and demon folklore... or if you're into hot guys. It works for that, too.
Supernatural is the story of two brothers who hunt monsters of lore (you know, werewolves, vampires, ghosts, chupacabras, etc), crossing the country on various quests in a Chevy Impala, with a bitchin' old rock soundtrack. Seriously, I think they spend at least as much on song rights as they do on production quality, which is pretty good. There is way more to the plot than that, and it gets quite interesting (though there is a lull in the beginning of season 6... just push on through, it really is worth it, I think). The greatest thing about it is that the show nods to so many of my favorite nerd things. There are Ghostbusters references galore, and all sorts of 80s references, which are so much fun, and there are some good jump scares to boot.


I know it is weird since I draw comics and such, but I don't really love cartoons. It is hard for me to make myself watch them, but again, all of my good friends were obsessed with Stephen Universe, so I figured I would check it out, and then I watched all of the episodes in a few days. They are just 15 minutes each, so it is easy to fit some in when you have a moment... or a few days.
Steven is a pre-teen boy who lives in a seaside town with three alien warriors, called Crystal Gems, who have tasked themselves with protecting the Earth from anything that might threaten humans. His dad, Greg, a former small-time rock star, runs the local carwash and every once in a while checks in on his son, divulging more about his mother, Rose Quartz.
The show is different than any other kids (or adult) show I've ever seen. There are some great songs that you'll want to download (if you're anything like me), and some really poignant social commentary that doesn't feel like it is being shoved down your throat. Most excitingly, it is really inclusive. There are fat characters (who are loved and amazingly not the butt of every joke), and gay characters, and characters of all different colors and creeds.  Really, Steven and the Crystal Gems are just the kind of people that you want to be friends with.

My favorite song!


If you've seen the movie and have been paying attention to my sense of humor, you should already understand this love. If not, Deadpool is a wise-cracking, foul-mouthed anti-hero who regularly breaks the 4th wall (i,e, talks to the audience). Major crush. See the movie if you're into funny gory action movies, but don't bring your kids, please.


  1. the love of Supernatural just grows and grows. I wanted to watch it, and missed the premiere and by the time I figured it out I missed a whole bunch of shows, so I just never did try. but now that has been years, it's probably on netflix or amazon or something.. I should look it up

  2. I was wondering about Steven Universe, and now that it has your endorsement may finally check it out!

  3. Okay Supernatural is on my list :)

  4. I used to be a bit judgey about people who were obsessed with tv shows, and then I discovered Supernatural. Now I get it. I try to get everyone hooked!


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