Sunday, March 20, 2016

Terrible Product Ideas - New Soda Flavor

When I come home from grocery shopping, I tell my husband all of the new and wonderful products I've found/bought during that day's shopping trip. I was having a brain fog day where words are hard to find, so I paused in the middle of describing a new treat, looking for the word I wanted and this was my husband's guess given the first word I had said. It spawned the idea for this comic/new terrible product.

same desolate desert scene as above, man in distance is a little further toward the foreground

desolate desert scene, man, sweaty and dirty stands in foreground looking around.

man, dirty and sweaty in a desert setting says, "Water, I need water!"

A view into the distance shows a barren desert with a skeleton and a backpack. Something within the backpack is shimmering.

Desert scene shows close up of skeleton and backpack, that has cans inside.

Detailed closeup of a backpack with two teal soda cans inside, a skeleton sits in the foreground.

Man in desert closes eyes, drinks from a teal can of soda. A white substance gloops from the can.

Man in desert looks alarmed, he is drinking out of a teal can that is filled with white goop.

Can design, "Cheeseblarg Ranch Soda" - teal can with Ranch Dressing design. Second can read "with Bacon!"

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  1. This drink would be a great way to tease out robots. If you suspect someone is a robot give them one of these to drink, if they don't gag their faces off after a single sip you know they are are 100% a robot pretending to be a human.

  2. Ranch soda is an actual thing. I've never had it and I never will.

    It is also worth noting that the same company makes a bacon flavored soda, and I would try that one.


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