Sunday, November 7, 2010


The Back to the Future series is one of my favorite movie series EVER, with Back to the Future II being my favorite.  I just love all things futuristic, especially big budget 80's futuristic.

 I've watched the 3 movies hundreds of times. I put them on when I am particularly stressed or sad.  It allows me to sleep when I experience insomnia, but I have a major gripe, A MAJOR gripe, that needs to be addressed!

This is the McFly house. 

There is something conspicuously MISSING from this house.

Let me give you a hint-- The story starts October 25, 1985.


I mean, fine, maybe the McFly's are Jehovah's Witnesses and they don't celebrate Halloween, though with that drinking that Lorraine is doing and celebrating Uncle Joey's release from prison with a cake, I would imagine not... perhaps another religious sect? Or perhaps they are just lazy? But REALLY, is EVERYONE IS HILL VALLEY RELIGIOUS OR LAZY!? Because there is not a lick of Halloween decorations ANYWHERE! Not a single pumpkin or ghost or ANYTHING to indicate that Halloween is 5-6 days away.

Obviously, it has nothing to do with the plot, but then why set it THAT close to a holiday that is known for decorations?
Again, in 2015 when they arrive 10 days from Halloween, nothing!

Here, this makes me feel better.

 Like I've always told you, you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything!


  1. lol... I have never noticed that before! But damn... where ARE the Halloween decorations?

  2. that blew my mind. halloween. never would have though.

  3. There are people out here who don't do any sort of decorating till the day of. Maybe they're eleventh hour decorators?

  4. Oh, JRose, please tell me you've seen this. Because if you haven't you need to go watch it right now.

  5. I LOVE Back to the Future! I always had a movie marathon when I was home sick from school.


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