Monday, February 11, 2013

When Fruit Cups Attack

So I got these delicious sounding Del Monte cinnamon peach fruit cups on clearance. I was going to eat one while laying in bed watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer (up to season 5, whew hew), and I know they have a tendency to burble over some when you open them because of the vacuum seal, so I set myself up with a towel over my chest/neck, and slowly peeled the plastic lid off the cup.

 Apparently, this cup was SUPER vacuum-sealed because I was treated to a powerful nasal douche of cinnamon peach juice to my sinuses. I was amused, but also quite uncomfortable nasally. It was delicious (since I ate the cup after cleaning up the incident, the post nasal drip was a little off putting though), however I wish they opened without exploding and/or squirting long distances. Especially since they are for kids, or for adults who eat fruit cups in bed while watching supernatural shows made for kids.

 Also, I've passed this on to Del Monte and asked them if I could send them my doctor's bills  if I get a sinus infection from the peach cinnamon sugar water still lingering inside my face, but they are staunchly ignoring me, just like all the boys I ever loved...

Most hilarious comment when I posted about it on Facebook:

Just proves that no matter how well you prepare for a known eventuality, the universe is just going to shoot cinnamon peach juice up your nose anyway. - Lora-Lee


  1. You should be uncomfortably graphic ;)

  2. I just finished the last episode ever of Buffy last night, so glad I have all the DVD's as I will rewatch again next year :)

  3. No one should ever have to describe a Del Monte nasal douching experience!

  4. I figured out that the trick is to tilt it back so the bubble of air is right at the edge when you open it, and only open it just enough to drink some of the juice. Then it's safe to open the rest of the way.

  5. They should have to put warnng labels on food that splurts. Also, that Jessica B sure is smart!

  6. I have the same issue with those little singe serve coffee creamers. only, I don't get my face that close to them...


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