Thursday, December 21, 2017

I'm A Meat Popsicle.

I prefer to shower at night, or in the afternoon. That way I can put off sitting around with my head damp and freezing for as long as possible. During the winter, in this little house we've moved into, I have found that showering at night is a problem. The fan in our bathroom that's activated by our light switch is a conduit directly to outside, so turning the switch on means I am pumping fast moving sub-arctic air into a room where a fine mist of water is supposed to be warming me up (and cleaning me, yadda yadda). So until I get fed up and buy a lamp for the bathroom, my solution currently is just showering in the dark. My husband thought I did this because I'm a goth or something. I really have no idea what he thinks I'm doing half the time because he never asks, really, he just dutifully turns off the light for me and goes away, probably wondering why the hell he married such a weirdo.

A comic strip titled "Winter Showers" by JRose First panel: Shows a shower curtain, a little open. A wet headed Jodee sticks out a little. She is saying "Hon, can you bring me a top hat?" Frame 2: Door to the bathroom is open a little, her husband, a bald man with a big red beard sticks his head in a little and asks, "What the hell do you need a top hat in the shower for?" Frame 3: The same shower scene but the shower curtain has been pulled back. Jodee is a snowman from the neck down, complete with coal buttons and branch arms. She has a carrot in her mouth approximating a nose and there is snow falling from the shower head. Frame 4: Close up on her head with the carrot in her mouth. The side of her husband's head is seen to the left. He's asking, "Where do you get that carrot?"

And, in other news, the brand new computer I bought... it died... two weeks after getting it. The hard drive has been replaced after much complaining and flailing. They kindly sent out an awesome nerd tech named Nic who talked to me about fun nerd topics while we waited for it to actually install.

And I am working hard on a new novel, writing at least an hour every day. It deals with current affairs and is an R rated vigilante thriller. Becoming a patron on patreon with the button below can get you access to excerpts weekly with a pledge of just 3 dollars a post (with no more than 4 posts a month- so a minimum of 12 bucks a month maximum! Wait, that was confusing. it could be 3-12 bucks for access to good stuff). There are also art bonuses for higher levels of patronage.

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