Friday, March 2, 2018

Self-Affirmations from the Neural Network

I can't help but be inspired by Janelle Shane's work with neural networks. Last time, she trained her AI to create recipes that looked absolutely mouthwatering, in that way that your mouth waters when you're about to hurk, actually, but today, she has trained her AI to generate titles for positive self-talk courses.

From her site,

There’s a self-affirmation talk on Spotify where a voice says things like “I am confident” over a synthesized choir. It has been rather vigorously marketed, not just for general self-confidence skills, but also under titles like:
I Will Win the Lottery
I Will Improve My Meteorology Skills
Attract Your Dream Car
Lord Help Me to Improve My Trainspotting Skills
Improve Your Ear Health
Lord Help Me to Improve My Bongo Skills
Improve Your Beekeeping Skills
Learn Welsh
Apparently, there are 4,510 different titles for this sort of self-affirmation program. She fed all of these titles to her network and asked for its own suggestions.

It came up with some great and also horrifying results like:
I Will Improve Otter Skills
Improve Your Handsoming Skills
Become More Dirty
I Will Find Headaches
Improve Your Scab
Being ever so helpful, I have made posters for a few of them that really spoke to me.

woman wearing a shirt that says Squeek sits on the floor of her home drinking out of a giant hamster bottle, sitting on a bed of shredding material. Behind her is the edge of a giant mouse wheel next to a tiny mouse hole in the wall. A mouse sits in front of her as to instruct her on being more "of mice."
Be More Of Mice

A boy stands outside with a kite, next to a big tree. He holds the kite aloft and says, "You can do it."
Improve Your Kite Faith.

A robot adjusts his red bowtie. He appears to have hair that is slicked down. He has a rose taped to his torso. He is saying to himself, "Go get her!"
I Will Attract Human

And I really think that this is good advice for anyone, especially Roy Moore.

Picture of controversial politician Roy Moore's political ad with Become Less Roy above it.

Go check out the rest of Janelle's results with her AI (including some upcoming knitting patterns that are immensely cool) and sign up for her newsletter to get cool inside stuff. She's not paying me to say that, it's just really nerdy cool fun I think most people would enjoy.

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  1. Wow, some of those are pretty terrifying. I would totally use the "I will attract human" one, though.


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