Tuesday, February 6, 2018


There’s this weird thing that people do that baffles me. As an artist, it has happened to me but it clearly isn't just confined to art, but the puzzling phenomenon of people taking credit for things that they obviously didn't do.

A woman stands in front of the framed Mona Lisa and says "Hey guys, look at this awesome picture I painted!"

That is not to say that I don’t get the general idea of lying to get attention...

Comic titled: "Impressing Your Friends With Art - A choose your own adventure" shows a woman saying "I want some attention. My friends are impressed by art" A picture of her painting an oil painting of goatse says "I could do a whole lot of work and get some praise OR..." Below, she sits at a desk with a messy bun and sweatsuit at a computer in the dark looking at google under which reads "I could just google something impressive and take credit for it!"

But the chances of it backfiring and looking like a total jackhole when you are figured out totally skews the risk vs. reward ratio way too far into the TOO RISKY category for me and I think, most reasonable people. So much so that I have never actually considered such a ridiculous idea.

Part of the real confusion I experience with this is this "flying to close to the sun" urge that seems to come with the urge to lie about your achievements. Instead of lying in a small way that might give a small boost, it seems to be a huge ridiculous lie that is just so obvious it's kind of insulting. *cough Trump cough*

But there is another way.

For all the flack that millennials get, there’s this beautiful thing I have seen happening in the current generation that would totally satiate these low effort attention seekers without resulting in them needing to delete their Facebook account when their artist friends call out the fact that they have claimed to paint a picture that was painted by a really well-known artist…


Honestly, it is the coolest thing about people now. When you’re having a bad day, if you’re friends with leftist millennials or similarly positive nice people, you can just ask for the attention you need and (if you don’t do this on a daily basis and you’re not a total asshole) they’ll totally say nice things about you to make you happy.

This also works with asking for a gif of kittens and pictures of hybrid corgi mixes, I've found. But seriously, have you looked up corgi mixes?

Anyway, if you find yourself in need of emotional support sometimes and claiming you painted the Mona Lisa starts looking tempting, I urge you to try asking for a compliment to get the ego boost you need. Just say, "Hey friends, I'm having a hard time. Could you say something nice about me to cheer me up?"

And there’s the added bonus of knowing who to unfriend if anyone tries to make you feel bad about having emotional needs that are met by receiving external validations sometimes, 'cause you deserve to be happy and feel loved and people who try to shit on that don't deserve corgis AT ALL.

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  1. I've totally done that. Asking for pick-me-ups, I mean. Not stealing art. That's just wrong. But, I have totally made posts like, "I'm feeling down. Send me kitten gifs." Or, "I'm having a rough day. Tell me something good that's going on in your life!" I've never straight-up asked for compliments, but I am all about asking for good things.


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