Sunday, November 21, 2010

Armadillos have very bad hearing.

I've found that I make a spectacularly unpleasant sound when I am particularly distraught.  I was not aware that I made this sound until just this year, having only recently found a need for it in my life.  It is not a sound that I like making or that I actually choose to make, but it certainly does a good job of expressing extreme unhappiness.

I would say it most resembles the guttural cry of a wounded animal crossed with the really annoying blaring pattern of a car alarm with just a hint of banshee for good measure.

Upon making it last the other night when my husband briefly knocked himself out by hitting his head into a door jamb, my initial thought (after 'OMG! My husband just knocked himself out by hitting his head into a door jamb!') was 'Augh, I wish that terrible sound would stop! Oh, that is coming from my head. . . I should not make that sound.'


  1. Is your husband ok? After researching brain injuries all semester, I get a little worried...

  2. He has woken up two days in a row and doesn't seem more forgetful than usual!

    I'm totally neurotic about such things and actually checked his pupils immediately and they were fine, so I didn't force him to go to the ER.


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