Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hi, I'm Jodee and I'm a compulsive clicker.

Reserve toilet paper should never be stored anywhere but within arm's reach of the toilet. Really.

With that said, I spend an absurd amount of time online clicking and refreshing, clicking and refreshing, and it is all Facebook's fault.
Well, no, it is probably also the fault of my friends who send me game-related gifts, and the people who interact with me in games who I don't know, but it CERTAINLY has nothing to do with the fact that even though it means ABSOLUTELY nothing, I just don't like seeing those damned notification numbers next to my game bookmarks.

And I know it makes me utterly uncool that I play games on Facebook, but... well, I'm uncool, okay... I mean, I think it is fairly obvious that I am uncool, because I am bothered deeply by there being numbers next to my game bookmarks, so much so that I annoy myself by continually clicking and refreshing to get rid of the numbers until it feels like a chore and I want to delete all my games, but then I worry about my make-believe pixel friends and who will feed them and clean the tacos up off their floors.

1 comment:

  1. Tacos on the floor...sounds like a bitchin' party.


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