Friday, November 5, 2010

Lord of the Flus

I got a flu shot the other day, and then I immediately got the body pains of the flu.

I have a theory on this.  I'm fairly certain that the pain that I was feeling can be represented by the following illustration:

I think that my white blood cells may well be setting up stakes all throughout my body like Vikings used to do and are arranging the dead flu cells on these stakes to ward off living flu cells that would be foolish enough to try to attack me. 
They will certainly see this display and say to each other, "NO!!! They've found a way to kill us, RUN AWAY!"

So it's a lot like that scene in Lord of the Flies only this is Lord of the Flus... and it hurts.

1 comment:

  1. Immune systems don't fuck around, you know that. They wax the motherfuckers and deposit them immediately into the colon :P


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