Saturday, November 13, 2010

Narwhal Detective Agency

Although I am awesome at being funny and drawing, I think I would make a great detective. I am very good at deductive logic, researching, and have a vast library of stored knowledge in my noggin. Plus, I look great in a trench coat and hat.  I mean, all a private detective is, really, is just a stalker who gets paid, so I should be awesome at it.

I guess I could be a personal online assistant, or a library research assistant although the wardrobe isn't as exciting.  I'm just really good at finding things online, so I figure either I have amazing researching skills, or everyone close to me is totally inept at googling.

Interesting fact: Narwhals have no teeth.  I just learned that by researching it.  See, awesome detective.


  1. Wrong! See the big horn on the narwhal? That, my friend, is a tooth. Maybe narwhals don't have regular teeth, but the horny thing is, as a matter of fact, a tooth. (Trust me, I'm a big nerd myself.)

  2. Yes, tusky horn grows in vicinity of mouth. So we are both correct, they have tooth, but not teeth!

  3. I'd be pissed with no teeth. It must make chewing tasty, tasty chicken very difficult.


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