Friday, November 12, 2010

Pet Peeves- Part Two

This is the conclusion of yesterday's "Pet peeves- Part one" a series in which I discuss pet peeves.
Today, instead of llamas, we have squirrels!

Pet Peeve #4- The "K" Reply:

I am terrible at texting.  It is probably because I don't actually have a cell phone, though I have the use of one for emergency purposes.  The cell phone that is in my possession is the free type that the store gives you thinking, "This thing is totally nonfunctional, surely this person will buy a better one." But I didn't buy it, and it is only for once in a while, so it is crap.
And I live in Montana, where cell phone towers don't seem to actually exist and we don't have new fangled things on our service like, the ability to receive photos texts on our phones, even with a phone that is not bottom of the barrel.

Anyway, I can't text well, and each short message on my 3+ year old phone takes me about 5 minutes from beginning to end.  It's a lot of effort, so I am therefore peeved when I send out a several sentence text which takes me 3 minutes per sentence to type and I get back a reply of "K."  Even more so when I have asked a question in the text before making a statement and I then have to write another tortuously slow message to clarify.
Someday, I hope to get a real cell phone and maybe some friends so I can add super fast texting to my list of skills.

Pet Peeve #5- Superfluous Questions

I am a question asker.  Most of the time, if I don't understand something, I will ask question after question until I understand.  Thankfully, I am pretty self-reliant so often I try to figure things out myself first, but questions come in handy when interacting with others and trying to understand their motives.  However, there are a few questions that just get my goat, big time. What are these questions, you ask?
There are two major classifications of questions that drive me nuts: The Rhetorical Response and The Unanswerable Opening.

My mom is big on the rhetorical response.  After everything I tell her she answers, "Really!?" 
Me: I had the cafe' burger for lunch.
Mom: Really!?
Me: . . . yes. . .
If it didn't shut down the conversation, I wouldn't mind it so much, but what do you answer when someone seems incredulous to every thing you say, and doesn't really respond with anything that lets you continue.  I usually just get mad, or stop talking and think about bacon.

The Unanswerable Opening is usually met with weirdness from me.
Although I am great at deductive logic, I am not great at being met with "Guess what!?" as an opening query.
"Guess what!?"
"You ...sold your feet to a Russia sausage salesman?"

I know I am never going to be right so I figure if I say something weird, people will stop telling me their news that way.

I think this may be exactly why "Chicken butt" was created.

Pet Peeve #6- Pet Peeves?

My last pet peeve is reserved for people who don't understand the concept of pet peeves. You ask them what their pet peeve is and they answer something like, "Lying," or "Racism," or "People who murder babies."  Now, I know that these things are bad, and I don't deny that, but they qualify as quite a bit more than a peeve.
A peeve is supposed to be something with which most people have little to no problem.  A mild personal annoyance. They are supposed to be little things that drive you bonkers but that other people can laugh at.  I don't know a single person who is completely fine with liars, or racists, or baby murderers.  Not one.

So what are some of your pet peeves?


  1. I remember a girl asking me what my pet peeves were and I was like . . . huh? She had to explain it to me but I don't think I ever gave her a good answer.

    Your mom's "Really" still isn't as annoying as the hair dresser who would interrupt me at absurdly inappropriate times to say WOW loud and long. I tried changing the subject multiple times - humor, asking her about herself. She was adamant. There was not going to be any discussion.

    Hair Dresser: So where do you work?
    Me: I work at a company called ....
    Me: ...

  2. Oh god, Chad and I both hate the "k" text reply, and Jen is WELL KNOWN for it. I also hate fuckers that sit at green lights, repeating myself because someone wasn't paying attention, and people clicking pens, rustling paper, or making other annoying noises on purpose.

  3. Drivers that cut oy off... slowly. Gah! Pisses me smooth off.

  4. Toilet paper. It goes over the top. That is the only logical way. I hate spinning the roll trying to find the end. Over NOT under!!!!

  5. 1. Just found your blog so I realize this is way outdated.
    2. People chewing with their mouths open and making gross chewy noises (noises from chewing, not like the noises that Chewbacca makes), clicking pens, customers coming into my cafe and responding to my "how's it going?" with "tall no foam skinny latte" to which I generally respond "so it's going well, then?"

  6. My pet peeve? There used to be full blown Red-Yellow-Green traffic lights at the intersection of 4th and Main. Then the city fathers thought to save money by establishing four way stop signs in a city with too many NASCAR fans. Then they realized that the vast majority of traffic was on Main Street, not 4th, so they wisely removed the two stop signs on Main St but left the ones for the 4th street direction. BUT now at least a decade later there are people who stop on Main St when they come to 4th Street even when there is no one stopped at the real stop sign!


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