Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Electronics Don't Get Thirsty!

No matter how they try to convince you otherwise, your electronics are not thirsty.  Even if you've just finished paying them off, and you'd like to celebrate with them, they don't want to share your ginger ale.  Please believe me, I know.
They also don't want to do a dance number with you with in the rain, as much as they say they really would like it.  Nor do they want to go for a swim with you.  It can be confusing, because they often seem up for this sort of thing, but no, they're just being agreeable as electronics are wont to do.


  1. Thanks to your hilarious drawing and this article:, I had an overwhelming urge to drop my husband's new smart phone into his glass of water last night.

  2. I sense this comes from experience/accident/Lucy-in-the-Sky-induced hallucination.


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