Thursday, January 27, 2011

As long as it is not part of a shower caddy.

I need a source on waterproof paper and writing implements, or even better, a waterproof digital device of recording that I can wall mount/wear/have implanted into me, because I regularly come up with great ideas for posts in the shower and by the time I dry off, at which point I could make a note or start working on them, I have lost the idea completely.


  1. This is exactly what you need!!!

    Or maybe just a China Marker. :)

  2. The walls of my shower are weirdly textured and not conducive to writing on so I would need a surface on which to write with those.

  3. Get a dry erase board and grease pencils, it works great! Hang it opposite from the shower head so it doesn't get totally soaked and it holds up for quite a while. Ive been using one of these: and it works really well!Just use a bleach wipe to clean it off.

  4. Get a dive slate! It's what SCUBA divers use to communicate underwater. (Beyond the required hand signals.) Here are some examples:

    btw, your site was recommended to me by my Google Reader. Possibly b/c I subscribe to Cake Wrecks and Hyperbole. I'm totally digging the backlog!


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