Sunday, January 9, 2011

Phoenix, You ARE the Father!

There has been a bit of discussion in the comments of my previous post of as to what Sparkles' offspring would look like, after the assertion that boy unicorns MAY NOT exist and that the Phoenix may in fact be the father.
I have rendered a few of the options mentioned, though the favorite that I imagined was a penguin (Phoenix+Unicorn=Unix?).

Of the bunch I drew, the one perched in the grapefruit tree whom I have dubbed "Sprinkles" is my fave!



    I think they should be Phoenicorns. 8D Although Unix does have the added bonus of being doubly geeky.

  2. Amazing. And now I'm also jumping on the "I Want a Sprinkles" train.

  3. so cute!!!!!!!! Oh and boy unicorns do exist. (cue unexplained maniacal laughter) MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH-ACK-HACK (pant-pant) sorry pseudo-hairball/coughing fit.

  4. I like the one with his claw on the grapefruit because he reminds me of a hippogriff and hippogriffs are freaking awesome.

  5. Hi,

    It's freakin' adorable. May I use it on my Google + page and/or blog Lady Fair Homes? I'm so glad I didn't chop that poor old tree down. Now that I've come to realize it's significance. I tried giving it a new coat of paint today, green of course. I know you're supposed to use white, but I just love green. Hope he's OK with that choice. Anyway, I guess I should thank you? Feel strange having an entire group of people dedicated to me.. I mean.... ponies and such. I hope there is a God, please let there be. He/she will be my judge. Mark


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