Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm not really lovin' it.

I went to Muh Donna's last night to get dinner because I was literally starving and wanted to get some calories in me for fairly cheap that I wouldn't feel bad about losing if my food poisoning/stomach flu symptoms continue, as they have been for the past few days.

Being without sustenance for a couple days made me stupidly optimistic, it would seem, because I looked at their menu and saw "OOOH! Fancy strawberry shake! That must be made of the freshest strawberries and organic whole cream ice cream! That sounds great!"

Somewhat unsurprisingly, their new strawberry shake tastes really bad and the faux strawberry syrup with extra red food coloring makes my mouth feel like it is being stung by scorpions.

It does have a cherry on top though.

No wait, the cherry was gross too. 


  1. They once handed out free crappe's at one I was unfortunately in the drive-thru for, and I made the mistake of taking one (it's free, doesn't that make things automatically taste better?). Alas, it did not. I really didn't even want to pull my hand back inside the window... I looked at the questionable SLUSHY coffee mixture and back at the drive-thru attendant and almost said... "Uhhh... can you take it back? I don't think I want it anymore." and I should have. It was the most vile "coffee" drink I had ever had. BLECH! Lesson learned. Stick to chicken nuggets and greasy french fries from there.

  2. Eeeew. I would totally fall for this too. Strawberry..yay! Ice cream... yay! McD's boooooooooo.

  3. haha..features is not good enough to say that damn cutie fancy strawberry shake is yummy..Try another one maybe that time the taste is good..lols


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