Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sparkle Airlines

Thank you, to all of you who comment on and share my blarg posts. It means a whole lot to me... more than seems reasonable, actually.  For real, it makes my day... which is pretty special because I spend my day doing awesome things all the time.
Someday, when I am super famous and have my own jumbo jet, I'll remember you and let you come look at it, or maybe even take a ride in it if you have racked up enough  stalker fan points.


  1. I happen to be highly amused with your jet concept. It almost makes me want to fly, and then I remember that I'm really really scared spitless of flying. I'll watch you, K? Have a delighfully wonderful day!

  2. I just love your drawings, makes me jealous since I can barely produce a stick figure! Keep it up!

  3. I want a unicorn jet TOO!!!!!

  4. I was going to apologize for all my comments today (working on the backlog; I'm new here) but now I will just post more! Muah-hahaha!!!


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