Monday, February 28, 2011

Be Cool, My Llamas!

Around midnight, back in 1996, I went down to my friend, Norweiner's, single room in the basement of our dorm at the University of Florida.  After hanging out for a little while, she told me she had to turn on the TV, which was strange since Norweiner was the non-tv-watching type.   I'd never heard of Conan O'Brien before that night, but watching a giant wagon full of whiny business men being dragged through the studio and around 30 Rockefeller was enough to get me hooked. I've been watching him since.

As so, I pay him the highest honor I can bestow upon someone.  I give you, Conan O'Brien as a llama (with doodley background):

You can't see it but he it totally wearing jeggings.


  1. And the best part of the post goes to this: "You can't see it but he it totally wearing jeggings."


  2. Oh my geezers! A llama with a pompadour! <3

    I love Conan too... I used to stay up late to watch him despite the threat of punishment when I was a kid. I'm so glad he's back on TBS with Andy. :o)


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