Friday, February 4, 2011

Survey Says!

I've mentioned before that I am utterly uncool and play games on Facebook for entertainment.
Growing up, we watched a lot of Family Feud but, while my mom was very good at it, I was never really good at it all, as is evident while playing on Facebook, and I think the reasons for that are multifold.

The first being, I'm uncool.  I don't pay attention to the majority of popular culture so I have no chance at all of answer the questions about celebrities. Nor do I have the ability to answer questions pertaining to parties or social activities. My main goal at a party it to get through it without having to interact with anyone I don't already know... I'm too busy avoiding people to notice what other people are doing to enjoy themselves.

If you've ever watched Family Feud, you know that they obtain the answers by surveying 100 random people. I'm fairly certain not all of them are the brightest llamas in the pack, because when asked "Name a way you know your wife is turning into a chimpanzee." you end up with answers like, "She grows a tail," which makes me want to smash my head into my desk until I pass out (for those of you not familiar with the anatomy of chimpanzees, they don't have tails because they are apes, not monkeys, and apes don't have tails... 'cause they're not monkeys).

I also tend to over think the questions.  When you have 10 seconds to answer something, it doesn't help to consider the existential ramifications of the question. I often find myself thinking "Oh, yeah... fruitcake is something people don't like receiving as a Christmas gift.. I guess that makes more sense than 'severed pig's head'." When most of the thoughts that go through your head are vastly weirder than your peers, you are going to have problems with getting "most popular answers."

I usually do much better at Fast Money, for what reason I don't know... maybe the questions are more focused since they are in a rapid fire format, but even still, I often times end up sending irritated notes to my friend when I complete their Fast Money saying things like "Oh, apparently dogs don't count as pets now!?!" only with slightly more capitalization to express my true outrage.

The true joy of playing though, comes when you realize that your friend doesn't need your answers to win because they have already exceeded 200 points, so you can go for comedy over score.


  1. I especially liked when you answered "babies" to the question "Name something people munch on at the movies." hahahaha I'm usually pretty damn good at Family Feud, but sometimes I think they surveyed a pack of retarded apes to answer the questions. I give good answers and STILL get a damn "0". Which means I'm way too smart for Family Feud, haha.

  2. The boar's head I understand
    The finest dish in all the land

  3. You may have noticed my lack of participation with the facebook Family Feud game. This is PRECISELY why.... it makes me want to maul babies or smack things, and as I don't particularly want to be locked up for life nor break my expensive monitor, I have stopped playing it. But this is a good blarg post, and you should be proud. ;)


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