Saturday, February 5, 2011

I vant to suck your blood!

I am usually fairly level-headed and logical, silly, yes, but firmly rooted in reality.

However, I have learned that I am not immune from drawing completely ridiculous conclusions when my brain is challenged by information that just doesn't make sense in how it knows the world is supposed to work.

That incident, in this case, was the time that my husband had innocently propped a mirrored tile up against the front of the mirror next to our bed.  I had been laying in bed watching a movie and I sat up to go to the bathroom and looked to my left at the mirror, because I always look in mirrors if there is a mirror available, or at my reflection in windows, cars, etc.  I'm obsessed with looking at myself. Anyway... I sat up and looked to the left and the mirrored tile just happened to be exactly where my head was and when I looked, instead of seeing my face in the mirror as I expected, I saw only the white reflection of the wall behind me (which was actually the ceiling I was seeing).

And my immediate thought was, "OMG! I'm a vampire!!!" And then in my flailing panic, I realized that when I moved I could see myself around the white patch of mirror, and then I felt dumb... and also relieved that I was not a vampire.


  1. Your cartoon "Jodee" makes me smile. <3

  2. I'd totally still be your friend even if you were a vamp. FYI.

  3. How funny - I had a similar story on Jan 15th where I used the line that I must not be a vampire because I had accidentally scared a couple of people when they saw my image in a mirror.

  4. I would have the same reaction! In fact, when I am brushing my teeth and looking in the mirror, I sometimes check behind me, just in case...


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