Tuesday, February 1, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things... A.K.A. It's better than nothing!

I've managed to contract half of a flu, which is to say, I'm not going to a doctor to pay to be told I have "virus syndrome" but I feel like I've been hit by a moving vehicle, for no discernible reason, because I feel fine otherwise, just... beaten and bruised, though I am actually neither of those things.

TL;DR- I feel like crap.

So instead of drawing anything, I am sharing things that have brought me grand amounts of joy lately:

Amanda Palmer:

Actually, the whole album makes me all kinds of happy, and only costs a minimum of 69¢ (That is, you can pay more if you like, which I did). You can listen to it all here before buying it! Or just listen to it there and not buy it... some of the lyrics are NSFW, btw.

This post from JerBear Shares:

Seriously, I'm fairly certain she is gonna start being afraid of me soon, because my love for her is so strong that I am now writing about it in my blarg and it's beginning to seem creepy even to me, but she's freakin' funny!

Unicornomics on Twitter:

The funniest part about them is reading their replies to other people.  They also did a great post about Sparkles' babies.

Tiffany and her cakes, which she loves:

She is a teaching herself the art of cake and I love what she does.  The insides are so cool, too, in fact, a picture of her 7 layer rainbow cake was what endeared me to her, and her tattoos. Don't miss her exclusive  post on the Santa Claw either!

And lastly, stickers, puffy weird stickers. I found some with narwhals and other lesser celebrated sea creatures, and some with lovey Australian animals recently.  Not much that is cuter than kissing duck-billed platypi (which would actually be correctly pluralized as platypodes, but damn it... PLATYPI!).

So yeah, sorry for no art, but feel free to draw me some strange animal hybrids or make me "Get Well" bouquets of bacon to speed my recovery!


  1. Thank you so much for mentioning me on your blarg. I showed the boy some of my fave posts you've done and he laughed. And then I showed him the post I wrote that you liked, and he didn't laugh. And I was sad.

    The end.


  2. My husband laughed uproariously at your post so THERE! Your boy is obviously desensitized to your funny, just as people around me just think I am too serious and spazzy.

  3. Speaking of Narwhals....which was the funniest part of a game I played the other day... here's a scene from Elf:


    PS: I'm the one that thinks your blarg is FUNNY and told everyone on hyperbole's comments that i think that!

  4. I <3 that movie, fer sure!

    I recognized your name (and sent out thanks to you in my FB cheeseblarg page). Thank you so much for letting them know I am not just some unfunny spambot! I appreciate it! I work hard on posting often (even when sick) so I really love every view I get, and comments even more!

    And I love exclamation points! =D


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