Thursday, April 7, 2011

Road Trip

Drove to Washington from Montana today. Here is a recap of my trip.

1st hour:

On the MP3 player: Cars Greatest Hits

On the road... only not like the book... which I half read in college because I was bored by it.

  • Got stuck behind a slow-assed truck for many miles because I was on a two lane road and I am terrified of passing.
  • Also terrified of rocks hitting my windshield, I have found.
  • Thoroughly picked my nose.

2nd hour:

On the MP3 player: Cars Greatest Hits- For crap's sake, how long is this album!?

I think there is a bunny staring at me from the rock formations on that hill.

  • Begin having mini panic attacks because I suddenly become incredibly aware of my body.  
  • Wonder if combination of the Imodium, headache medicine, and gas-x I took before leaving was somehow having hallucinogenic effects.
  • 1st rest stop... toilets are made of metal.
  • Washed hands thoroughly.

Metal Toilet... very airplane like.

3rd hour:

On the MP3 player: Cyndi Lauper (She's So Unusual and True Colors Albums)

Random snowy pass, where construction soon intervened.

  • The hour of construction... it just went on and on and on.
  • Began contemplating how incredibly strange driving is... just sitting in a box that is moving me along in space based on where I move my hands and feet.
  • Got gas in Missoula, MT.

4th hour:

On the MP3 player: Dirty Dancing Soundtrack

Trout, up the wazoo!

  • Second rest stop.
  • Visited the Trout Museum.
  • Drop my camera on the bathroom floor, hence breaking the display and making me sad.
  • Try to get picture of the Idaho sign but fail, because the display of my camera is now broken and I cannot see where the camera is pointing. 

5th hour:

On the MP3 player: Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog, F-Boys (80's punk band my sister's bf was in), and Gnarls Barkley

  • Make it through the rest of the mountain passes, in snow, Gojira attacked but unfortunately, the camera was broken so I couldn't capture it.
  • Fail again to capture Washington sign because of broken camera. 


  1. I got really confused about the gas in Missoula. I thought you medicated for that. I doubt I'll be able to sleep tonight. Thank you. Really.

  2. too pity you broke the camera..:(

  3. Nooooo! No broken camera!!!!! Glad you made it safely!

  4. yah washington! if you're around seattle and need recommendations, drop me a line :) i've totally done the drive from here to missoula, though it was for maggot fest (rugby tournament), so i was drunk ;) not so bad then.

  5. Hey, I'm in Washington too!

    I just discovered your blarg by randomly clicking on someone else's profile and seeing yours in their watched list. I think I clicked the link because of the cheese.

    I read every post and enjoyed it.

  6. Oh my if my camera broke I would start bawling my eyes out. D: Well, that sounds like a very interesting trip. Lots of things to see. xD


  7. wow,great! i said the the picture and the mountain which is like my hometown. those day to buy Indiana jones 1-4 dvd online is cheaper at you

  8. I try not eat or drink on our way from san antonio to california because I hate using the restrooms...

  9. JR, excellent use of bullets, it made me feel safe on the journey. Number one: The Cars Greatest Hits is as long as it needs to be because it's sublime, and; B: In the first video, it sounds like big band music... What was happening in that car??? Always a pleasure, BDV.

  10. I laughed out loud at this bit: "Began contemplating how incredibly strange driving is... just sitting in a box that is moving me along in space based on where I move my hands and feet."

    Your sense of humor is so perfect.

  11. This post totally made me homesick for Idaho! Totally blows that your camera broke!
    Love your blog.

  12. Sad you broke your camera, next time get a strap please.

  13. so sad you broke your camera... great blog though!

  14. just so you know, you have a really cute voice (but not in the creepy coming-on-to-you way)...

  15. oh, bummer about the camera!! :( but at least you had dr horrible to keep you company!! omh, that is awesome! i love roadtrips & road trip stories. : )

  16. cool blarg
    great read
    made me smile
    good deed


  17. Oh, so sad. You broked your camera and you missed those event :(
    Anyway, great photo. Specially that Fish. Lol.

  18. I like this post.. Sorry about the camera. :(

  19. Imagine traveling around the world with your family...

  20. I had to look up Gojira - once I did, I was simultaneously horrified and relieved that you survived.

  21. Sorry about the camera. It sounds like a trip I don't want to take anytime soon. :-(

  22. ahaha funny detailing! Love your humour! :D ANd what a bummer you didn't capture Gojira!! I am still trying to convince people it exists. Thank you!!

  23. Wish you got a picture of Gojira! Good thing you were left unmolested....

  24. Oh yeah, and nice soundtrack of the Violent Femmes on the 2nd video lol.

  25. I've made bits of that drive many times. Isn't it just beautiful country?

  26. ...I am hereby declaring that trout morbidly obese...

  27. Gojira! That is too good. Thank you for another clever and funny post. It's great fun.


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