Friday, May 27, 2011


For some reason, when I see an exceptionally cute little animal, my immediate reaction is the desire to put its head in my mouth...  For example:

Japanese Flying Squirrel AKA one of the cutest known animals on EARTH!

My immediate reaction.

It's not that I want to eat it, or harm it, or bite it, or scare it, it just... belongs in my mouth.

And I know, for a fact, that I am not the only weirdo who has this reaction, because in college, my friend Norwiener and I went to visit my friend Rian to see his adorable new itty bitty kitten, and the first thing that she said was, "OMG, IT'S SO CUTE! Do you think its head would fit in my mouth?" and then she put its head in her mouth. Or maybe I am just really weird and so are my friends, but I am not alone damn it. I'm not alone.


  1. You are so not alone!! I think it's a visceral thing from when we're babies and put everything in our mouths. I dunno...maybe we're trying to see if cute has a taste?

  2. OMG all this time I thought my husband was a freak for wanting to put our cats head in his mouth whenever she was being especially cute!
    Turns out he's normal and I'm the freak?......

  3. BAHAHAHA I had to tell you that my captcha code was "hedsolia"
    Maybe that's the technical term for whatever it is you're suffering from that makes you want to put cute animals heads in your mouth?!

  4. oh, i do that a lot. have to remind myself that it's not developmentally appropriate/socially acceptable to put things in my mouth. i usually just end up touching them incessantly (and obsessively -- has to be "balanced," the same amount with my right hand as my left). i suppose that's just slightly better...

  5. Hey, I have the same thought. Hahaha! So, you're not alone in this...:D

  6. I like to rub cute fuzzy things against my cheecks and lips and then hide them in my clevage so I can keep them...

  7. Hmmm... My cat's head would actually fit in my mouth. I wonder...

  8. thats kind of odd, but i know someone else who has to kiss things that are really, really, little, so i guess you really aren't alone "dammit"

    thanks for making my day!

  9. Oh. My. God.

    I Googled the leetle guys. I'm now squeeing uncontrollably. I would very much like to snuggle him on my face and then cup him in my hands forever and ever.

  10. Wow. I actually understand what that squirrel is saying.
    Apparently it's a female.

    I watch faaaaaar too much anime...

  11. I saw a chipmunk in my yard today and this is the first thing I thought of!

  12. Cats, belong, away, from, me, not, in, me.


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