Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Non-Famous Twitter Illustrations #3- Toenail Clipper Stealing Zombies

Today's word is "Toenail" in honor of my friend Jeri who keeps tweeting about her big toenails coming off from running the Fargo Marathon... and it is grossing me out and apparently stuck in my mind when I had to choose a random word for this post. And now you guys get to be grossed out too. Sorry... misery loves company.
Oh yeah, also, there are far too many people out there talking about detaching toenails on twitter, for the record. See how I suffer for my art.  I need an adult. D=

the zombies came and stole my [effing] toenail clippers. #pisse


  1. groddy. Talk of toenails coming off reminds me of the movie The Fly with Jeff Goldbulme (I think that's how you spell his name). I can never watch that movie while eating.

  2. Sounds like a stalker's dream come true.

  3. I lost my big toenail when I was 8. I had injured it weeks before and it was hanging by a thread. Then one day, I was playing Barbies and Barbie was going camping. I picked up Barbie's backpack and was trying to put it on her when I realized it was NOT her backpack, but my TOENAIL. Isn't that vile? (and toenails do not make very good backpacks, either.)

  4. @Kelly- That is super gross and also hilarious!


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