Monday, May 9, 2011

You Got Red On You!

I was just going to upload these to Cheeseblarg's Facebook Fan Page but alas, I worked really hard on this and I want to show it off all in one centrally located spot, not unlike the Winchester!

My final Peeps Horror Challenge Diorama-  Three scenes from Shaun of the Dead (which is a fantastic movie that you should see, if you've not seen it and like your horror movies funny and gory!)

Haven't you had your tea? 
(their positions are switched, my bad)


Hey, hey! Over here!

Plus more detail shots so you can see all the details and different angles.

Click to biggify!

So, there you go, a bonus post of how much of a silly fangirl I can be. It's all hand drawn and hand painted.  Made of out cardboard and peeps mostly, with ink and paint thrown it. It was a grand amount of fun doing this.


  1. Would this be an appropriate time to insert a completely random quote from the movie?

  2. I'm now in a mood for some peeps...

  3. I think it is totally amazing that I actually watched that movie yesterday.

  4. Ummm... you are insanely talented.
    And now I want some marshmallows... not necessarily colored, sugar-coated, and Easter-animal-shaped. But marshmallows.

  5. This fills me with such happy :D

  6. YAY! What a cute diorama! I loved this. ^_^

    By the way I didn't know you had a Facebook page. I'm a follower now. :D


  7. So...can Peeps look up?

    I love this. It just made me eight different kinds of happy.

  8. I haven't viewed Shaun of the Dead because I've been too busy steadily becoming a MSTie. (That's Mystery Science Theater 3000 fangirl/boy for those of you who aren't geeks.)

    My favorite is Tom Servo. :)

  9. PLEASE tell me you re-enacted the 'KILL THE QUEEN' bit!!!

  10. I woke my husband up by screaming "Shaun of the Dead PEEPS! LOOK!" and shoving the laptop in his face. You must be extremely talented because he didn't kill me. :D

  11. The best use of leftover peeps ever. However, given the magnitude of your piece, I suspect you may have bought extra peeps just for such an occasion as this. Which I totally respect. Peeps should never be taken internally, anyway.

  12. Oh my gosh, this just made my day! I feel like you should have a blog only about peeps reinactments. I don't care how much of your time it takes!

  13. You are a complete nutjob. I love you.

  14. Ha!
    I don't like horror movies. Esp not zombie movies.
    But Shaun of the Dead rocks and so do your peeps.

  15. Great work!
    One can see how much time you must have devoted to making this diorama...Wow, you must REALLY like Shaun of the Dead!

    Having fun being here!!
    xoxoxo, cd


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