Monday, June 13, 2011

Life in a Vacuum.

My husband is vacuuming in our bedroom, where I am, and while I appreciate that there will be less debris on the floor from my favorite blanket that likes to unravel itself, leaving strings everywhere, I really hate the vacuum cleaner.  See, our room is not all that big and there are times that he has to pick up the vacuum, to get to other parts of the room, which he does while it is still on, and it makes one of the worst sounds I have ever heard, like a garbage truck falling off the empire state building.

The vacuum itself is from the 1960s and I don't think a single part of it has ever been oiled since it was made, by the amount of squeaking coming from it. It also has its own transmission, since it weighs a ton, and you have to be careful not to get pulled under it... which is part of the reason that I refuse to vacuum.  As well as the fact that loud sounds startle me and it is very hard to vacuum whilst curled up in the fetal position with your hands over your ears.

And I must admit, my cat like reaction to the vacuum cleaner might have possibly been influenced by the movie "Mr. Mom", which is about an evil vacuum cleaner that likes to eat woobies.  That is what it's about, right? Well, that's what I took away from it. Vacuums are bad and have evil intentions, always.


I entered this contest to redesign a Guylian candy box. There is a substantial cash prize I'd like to win to remedy that "no income" thing.  Half the score is likes from friends, family, whoever you can sucker into clicking, so, if you would click like to vote for mine, it would go towards possibly winning me a buttload of money that I can then use to take myself to the Grand Canyon, and I would be greatly appreciative. =D  

P.S. Thanks to those who have bought stickers and donated! You helped get my husband's medicines this month so he doesn't have any more strokes!  <3


  1. It's even worse when you have animals that like to bark at it while running like the pussies (and by that I mean cowards, not cats) they are.

  2. "Be sure and tell 'em 'Large Marge sent ya!'"

  3. I think you did such a great job designing the Guylian box! I like how you stayed true to their image, but added some whimsy to it. :)

  4. I "liked" your box! I think it is wonderful. Good Luck!

  5. I'm not eXactly sure what a garbage truck falling off the Empire State Building would sound like, but I am trying to imagine the scream, then I switched to a doppler effect truck horn. I recently got a Dyson DC25 and it is much quieter than previous vacuum cleaners.

  6. Hi JRose - I've just discovered you blarg and I love it long time! Pop by and visit my Book-TARDIS sometime!
    Darklyss - The very casual librarian.

  7. It is summer - you should take a walk while he does that :)

  8. @Alex It's hard to write and illustrate a blarg post whilst taking a walk... =P

  9. I would've bought your awesome stickers and/or donated, but I'm poor too. When Chad actually gets a good check, I would like to donate. I love you a lot.


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