Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sick Day

I meant to post yesterday, continuing my Harry Potter series, but here is what I did instead.  The aforementioned series will continue (and possibly conclude tomorrow, don't know... I'll figure it out as the fancy strikes me...) but I thought this was important to share today.  So without further ado, what I did yesterday instead of posting:

Whine about being hungry on the internet on the off chance that someone would feed me.

Get up, because I have to pee anyway and make a tortilla with some cheese on it, because it is the only savory food in the house that takes little preparation to make.

Sneeze x 112

Cough x 389

Get craving for spice cake. Ask the internet to get me some.

Wait for the internet to ignore me totally.

Make "should be" funny comments on people's Facebook posts

Take Thera-flu pill. Drink out of cranberry juice bottle. Realize I am sick and have just contaminated entire bottle. 
(p.s. don't drink the cranberry juice, it is contaminated)

Take shower while pill kicks in. 

Yell at shower curtain to stop touching me. Threaten to set it on fire. 

No, really, this thing is like a pervy guy on a subway.. 'oh I'm sorry, was I all rubbing on your butt... how silly of me, I didn't mean to do that. *rub rub rub*'

Collect the 17 used tissues that are on the floor and bed and throw away.

Notice I am starving . Go to eat bowl of Smores cereal. Realize I can't really smell... hope that the milk is still okay while sniffing in vain.

Take nap, a.k.a. fall into antihistamine stupor.  


  1. I am sorry you are (were?) sick and the internets suck. But otherwise I might never have known about your pervy shower curtain, and that totally made my day, lmao. Hope you are feeling better!

  2. I've meant to write about the shower curtain for a while now.

  3. LOL I honestly snorted when I read that you called the curtain an asshole. Hopefully your immune system rallied so you're well for Harry Potter!!!

    Stupid internets!

  4. it's amazing how many showers you can take without getting your tacos wet - then another time you soak them through; and, boy, do they taste rank covered in shower gel.

  5. BAHAHAHAHA damn pervy shower curtain guy will get you every time!

  6. Wait, are those dinosaurs on your sheets?

    I think you are my favorite now...

  7. @Carolyn- Yes, thank you for noticing!

  8. Haha that was funny. I always sniff milk before using it, but I can never tell if it's still OK or not. I would just go with the sell-by date but I had gone-off milk the other day that was still in date! Anyhoo, hope you're much better now. I hate shower curtains.

  9. I'm sick too! And funnily enough, I just bought a bunch of gluten-free stuff from Whole Foods to help with some of my ailments.

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