Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Never Tickle A Sleeping Dragon.

Our Harry Potter series continues!

Today, in Hogwarts' Great Hall, Jen Yates of Cakewrecks  faces a Howler from an angry reader who is disgusted by her insensitivity when discussing Cauldron Cakes.  And she didn't even start on the CCCs (Cauldron Cake Cakes... ptooey!).

Go visit Cakewrecks, but go to the bathroom first. Trust me.  You don't want to have an accident.
And if you like nerdy and awesome things, including some awesome DIY projects, visit her other blog, Epbot!


  1. Did you mean "cauldron cup cakes?"

  2. No, no, I meant cauldron cake cakes. There are things called Cupcake Cakes (CCC ptooey!) that Cakewrecks goes on about all the time, where people make horrible cakes out of cupcakes, but in this case it would be made out of cauldron cakes (which I think are like cupcakes to begin with).

  3. Bloody Howlers...way to ruin a good cake girl's morning.

  4. found the hidden mickey on her sleeve! (there was a hidden Mickey, right?) LOL!

  5. Hi. I saw your link on Cakewrecks. Just chiming in to say that I am a JRose, too! That is all. Carry on.


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