Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Can I take your order?

There are times that I wonder if things just happen to me to give me something to write about.  It is really like my life is one big chain of weird event that have no apparent reason other than to give me material.  Today I went out to lunch shortly after noon and we got stuck in a giant line.  I really wanted a bacon cheeseburger so I just stood there patiently.

After five or ten minutes of waiting, an older lady walked up with a stack of paper.  "Are you two together?" she asked us and we told her we were. "Okay, I'll start with you then."  We were smack dab in the middle of the line of about twenty people and the women in front of us turned around, incredulous. It seemed a nice touch though, that in a fast food place they would send out "Hostess Vicky" to expedite orders to get us all out of there soon. So she asked us what we wanted and we told her our order which she wrote down in lovely wide looping cursive and then, after she had written it all down, she handed the paper to me. Not to the people in the back, not to the cashier. She handed it to me. What the quack was I supposed to do with it?
I guess she was bored and wanted to seem useful? Maybe she was taking a census? When we got to the register, we had to order again, even after handing them the mystery paper, to clarify, and then, of course, they got our order wrong.

I insisted on taking a picture of it to prove that I don't just make up this stuff.


  1. That's probably the weirdest thing I've heard today. Why not just open up another register if they really wanted to get the line moving?

    You have an interesting and varied life lol

  2. How do you know it wasn't just a bored senior citizen who got tired of spending her vast amount of Social Security money and decided she'd mess with people in fast food joints? That's what I'd do if I was retired-- that and run around wearing a flashy hat plopping spam into people's shopping carts. Or maybe smoked salmon? The world would be my oyster, only I'd pass it off to unsuspecting young person while pretending to be utterly senile.

  3. @Carrie- I suppose that is possible. She was in uniform and had a name tag, but those can't be all that hard to come by. She was also later cleaning the ketchup dispenser... but again... it could all be part of the act!

  4. I can't believe no one has said this, but that is a weird looking hand. It kind of looks like a wrinkly mutant hand. Just sayin'.

  5. It is the hand of a 67 year old woman... =P

  6. Do you see those wavy interior posts in the barrier fence in the upper right corner of your photo? The Hos Vicki had been staring at those too long. (Its late at night while I am writing this, so I messed up the first time I abbreviated 'hostess' by spelling it 'Hot.' -> Hot Vicki)

  7. How could they get the order wrong?

    The paper CLEARLY spells out the order.

    Doulile stock, a BBQ sauce value meal, a diet cohe, a double bacorji cheeseburger, a value fry with no tomato and no bread, and a large cake.

    It's like minimum wage employees don't care about the quality of their work or something!

  8. [deadpan]
    Also, since when do fast food joints sell large cakes? That's kind of awesome.

  9. Thanks for being so funny! Love the blarg.

  10. @Abby- I am intolerant of yeast. Can't eat anything that has ever touched it without getting violently ill. So, it isn't about carbs... or dieting... I just can't eat bread.


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