Saturday, August 13, 2011

Golden Narwhal Award- Alan

It is time for the first ever "Golden Narwhal Award" which goes out to readers with outstanding wit and comments that make me laugh in an audible manner or regularly make my day better.

The first recipient (of many to come because you guys are awesome) is Alan @ It's Not Work, It's Gardening!

Some of his greatest hits are:

". . . I don't think there are nearly as many superpower-inducing drinks around as comics have led me to believe, so you're probably out of luck there... although it would be awesome if it were a glass of medical nanobots left by a time-traveling future version of yourself, or maybe one of your descendants. They know your medical condition as well as your penchant for counter beverages, and have provided you with a cure for all that ails you."
"I think your problem with that recipe [twinkie wiener sandwich] was you were thinking of the wrong meal --  use a breakfast sausage link instead of a hot dog, and maple syrup instead of
 the cheese, and eat it for breakfast. (You might need to use 2 links because
 they're small). I just invented this. You're welcome."
"If the texts continue, your reply needs to be:
"Dude, stop texting -- she'll find out! Then what will we do? You are my life."
or something similar."
"If I were a Dementor I'd be really conflicted. "Argh, a Patronus, must flee! Oooh, it's a wiener dog, must cuddle... Flee... Cuddle... Flee... Cuddle..."

Thank you Alan, for your comments and for your continued support of the Cheeseblarg! You rock!

And thank you to Goldfish  and Tracey for these awesome pieces of fan art!

Me on a narwhal jumping over a cheese moon!


  1. Hahahaha that's wonderful! Loving the comments and the fan art is...out of this world!

  2. What an unexpected surprise and honor! Thank you! It's really the content you provide that inspires me of course -- "I couldn't have done it without you!" (end of generic acceptance speech rhetoric, even though it's genuine in this case)

    Is the award gold-plated, or solid gold? If it's solid that's going to cost a fortune to ship, unless it fits in a USPS flat-rate box.

    Thanks again, and keep the funny coming!

  3. Lovin' the award. nice way to make the "fans" feel included in your blog. Very interactive of you! And narwhallama's should be created in a lab somewhere and shipped to disturbed kids to scare the rocks out of them. :) If their is any scientists reading.

  4. I feel so special! Thanks for sharing my fan art! I love you long time, in very inappropriate ways. :D

  5. Ohmygosh. This made my week.
    I'm flabbergasted. And I can't stop flailing my arms. And smiling.

    Thank you so much for posting my art, despite it's five-year-old-I-just-managed-to-color-in-the-lines look.

    You are awesome. :3


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