Sunday, September 25, 2011

When Cars Attack

There are some things in life that you are supposed to be able to navigate easily as an adult, and dealing with a minor traffic accident apparently is one of those things.  Not having been in any traffic collisions, until Friday, I realize I have been woefully unprepared for what the quack you are supposed to do when someone backs into your car while you are happily coming about in a parking lot.

How it should happen:

How it apparently really happens when you have no clue what is supposed to happen:


  1. What a drag!
    I am sorry that happened to you.
    That cop looks so cheery, though.
    So helpful.

  2. Agh! Car accidents are always much more complicated than they should be. T_T I'm glad you are doing okay though! I love your comics :)


  3. sorry about the car, but hey - cheesy pouffs make everything better!!!!

  4. The cop looks like a hand puppet. That's kinda awesome lol.

    I'm sorry about your accident. I've been in a few myself, they're enormously stressful.

  5. If you didn't have an accident and this was all just acting, I am impressed.

  6. just like what happened to my mom, and she's eating cheetos right now XD

  7. OMG! Should I be alarmed that there's a 9/11 in the lower left hand corner of the civilaztion-wiping robot panel?! D:)

    I find that the best way to solve problems is ignore them. They tend to go away eventually.

  8. Go down to DMV and make sure the accident report was actually filed! I had a cop tell me he would file the report after I was rear ended. I found out like two years later that he didn't and I had been driving with a suspended license for a year and no one had told me!DMV was very angry.


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