Monday, September 26, 2011

Ken Lee

Continuing with my theme of helpful posts, you know what is NOT helpful?  Correcting people's lyrics while they are gleefully singing the wrong words at the top of their lungs.

There are two things in play here... either the person REALIZES they just sang the wrong words and doesn't need to be embarrassed further to realize that they are wrong or they seriously don't give a shit and are just enjoying themselves.

But then a lyric Nazi comes along and is all "IT'S 'SHE'S OUT OF MY LEAGUE,' NOT 'SHE'S OUT OF MY REACH'" and then I am all, "that doesn't even make sense, if she's like the wind, how is the wind out of his league? He must think really poorly of himself if blowing air is too good for him. Man, those lyrics are dumb!"

So, unless you are tasked with training someone for a singing competition, or a lyric game show, seriously, just let them sing shit wrong.

And then make fun of them on the internet by making a comic that points out they sang Jessie's Girl wrong when they were a kid.

p.s. Don't forget... birthday party, on the internet, this Sunday! No need to RSVP if you are specifically avoiding the internet that day to spite me, really... it is cruel.


  1. Lyric nazis can suck my left ballsack.

  2. Is that a record player in the background?

    CAREFUL! Your age is showing. ;)

  3. I want to hear what loving barnyard kissing noises sound like

  4. "It's gonna take a lot to take me awaaaaay from yooooou!
    There's nothing that hundred men from Mars could ever dooooo!
    I felt the raaaaain down in Aaaafricaaaaa!
    Gonna take some time to do the things we never ha-aa-aa-aad to do."

  5. Oh how I feel the exact same way! I find it super irritating when people do that. It is a great example of the "fun police" in action, who cares of it's "electric boobs or boots" if you mumble while your singing it can be whatever the hell word you want!

  6. How the hell am I going to get that song out of my head now?

  7. If you are going to hold the hairbrush for a microphone (assumed), then you will get better performance out of it by turning it around and having it hang down, suspended, more professional. (hah) or put a sock on it.

  8. I will now and forevermore substitute your more-awesome lyric when I sing Rick Springfield songs!

  9. This is the funniest post I've read in a while. I always sing the wrong lyrics and when someone points out that I'm wrong I like to start again and sing what I did in the first place, screw them and Nazi ways! Cheers for the giggles

  10. I think this is officially my favorite post! I actually cried with laughter. I totally sing lyrics wrong and my husband will point it out, and be like, what the HELL are you singing?! ;) Thanks for the laughs Jodee.

    And P.S. I LOVE that you used Rick Springfield for your example.


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